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markerThese days it is fashionable to be big and corporate. We are not.
All year-round School of Russian for foreigners welcomes everyone to learn Russian with us in our warm environment. We want you to feel at home as soon as possible so that you feel at ease in our School and country.

markerAll have different reasons for mastering Russian. You may need the Russian language for your job, for pleasure, or to further your studies in the RF. Learning to communicate effectively in a foreign language is the key to success. Whatever your reasons, you will find our staff understanding and professional in response to your requirements.

markerLearning Russian is not just an academic exercise. An active social life is equally important. During your course, you will not only make friends with our staff, but also with fellow students who come from all over the world, native-speakers, who are determined to speak English well. We'll try to take you on outings to the museum, theatre or places of natural beauty. In this way you will gain confidence in communicating in Russian.
It is important to be happy in your accommodation. Our Accommodation Officer makes every effort to provide accommodation to suit your needs.

markerIn short, our aim is to help you gain maximum benefit from your course and the whole experience of living in Moscow.
We hope that we'll give you a clear idea of our course by describing the packaged course and the special experience of living and learning here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or advice.
We'll be pleased to help you.


Learning Russian in Moscow. Groups and individuals. Accommodation provided. Sightseeing. Exploring the culture.